SilverCloud Project

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Origami in SilverCloud

As the project is turning in to it’s final phase, we have been discussing how we are going to demonstrate the usage of the cloud. One thing that Kaarlo wanted to point out was that how we would be able to demonstrate the calculating power we have in the cloud. So he suggested that we’d take part in the Folding@home -project by installing Origami on our VM’s. This is where the scalability factor would come to nice play, when we add nodes to the cloud, we’ll be able to increase the amount of VM’s calculating Origami. Arttu wrote a script how to install the Origami on VM’s by just adding the last digits of the ip-address the CC is issuing the VM’s.

for S in ( add here variables for S ) ; do screen ssh -i id-silverkey 
ubuntu@172.28.5.$S 'sudo apt-get -y install origami 
&& sudo apt-get -y install ia32-libs && 
sudo origami install -t 197910'; done

At the moment the cloud is running on 13 nodes with 30 VM’s.Here’s our projectgroups stats page. We are thinking that this would be a good way to measure how the cloud can be used for e-science.


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